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About Mona

My passion is to help people and animals regain their health and wellbeing


My name is Mona Caissie and I have been practicing Homeopathy since 2010. I work from my office in Kelowna, B.C. I am a registered member of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths.

I have been interested in health/healing modalities since my mid 20’s. I knew from a young age that I was called to be of service to others and give help whenever I was capable. I have taken courses in Touch for Health/ Body management, Ear candling, Orthobionomy, Nutrition/Herbs, Flower Essence Therapy, and have an interest in Astrology and have taken some courses in Uranian Astrology which is connected to Homeopathy! It wasn’t until I came across Homeopathy in my late 30’s that I knew that I had found one of the true paths of real healing.

I finished my graduate work from the Devonshire School of England, and graduated from Luminos Homeopathic College in Vancouver in 2008. I have studied under Louis Klein a world renowned Homeopathic Master from North Vancouver, BC since 2004. He is one of the top 10 Homeopaths in the world with a practice of 40 years in British Columbia. I have also been fortunate enough to attended many workshops over the years as a student of the renowned Jan Scholten. (Master Homeopath) Amazing Mentor!

When I found the power of Homeopathy and what it can do for everyone I knew I had found my ultimate purpose in life. Telling people about Homeopathy and helping them regain their health. I am humbly grateful and honoured to work with all my animal and human clients.

Freedom from all limitations is really what we are all in search of

The journey to health and helping to eliminate people’s and animals’ health limitations are my personal goals. I am passionate about Homeopathy and helping people to discover the most amazing healing method for physical, mental and emotional issues.

My moto is “Be kind to each other because we are all connected on some level”

I’ve always been a people person since I was very young. Had the nickname of “Counsellor Caissie” in elementary school. I never understood why people just wouldn’t get along and be nicer to each other.

A few highlights:

  • Love to be spontaneous, but I am a planner as well.
  • Love a good glass of wine on a Friday night and love to spend time with my family. 
  • I played piano since I was 5 years old, and sang in a choir for many years. I was a music DJ for 9 years. I have a great love and appreciation for almost all music. A world without music is a world I wouldn’t want to be a part of for sure!
  • Have a fascination regarding people and love to people watch. Love to read, and biographies of people’s lives are some of my favourites. Reading and walking in nature, attending concerts and watching a quirky comedy are a few of my hobbies!
  • Animal lover of all animals and have one older cat that wants to sit on everyone all day long. 
  • Love to have a garden, and love plants and flowers, the more the better. If my family gets stuck on buying me a gift I always tell them a flowering plant will make me very happy. 
  • I’m also a homebody. I like to travel and visit far off lands, and study the culture of the people in different places but I do love to come home after the adventure is over.

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