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Health & Abundance

Are you overwhelmed by stress?

Do you feel out of alignment with who you are?

Have you lost your passion for your job, mate or children?

Are you open to trying an alternative form of healing that can heal on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally and spiritually?

Homeopathy is effective for all types of health issues

Many people suffer from conditions that traditional doctors are unable to help with. The good news is that homeopathy can help. Homeopathy is a natural medicine that is based on the philosophy of “like cures like”; the Law of Similars. It is the strongest energy medicine known to man. Homeopathy has been in practice for over 200 years and is gaining in popularity as people search for something that does not create side effects, and is effective in treating all types of different health issues.

In Homeopathy we treat the person and not the “dis-ease” and so with that perspective we believe any dis-ease and anyone can be helped with Homeopathy. Homeopathy’s effectiveness lies in the body’s ability to boost its own immune system.  Many people use remedies for everyday ailments easily,  but for chronic issues you should always seek the guidance of a professionally trained Homeopath.

Homeopathy consultations: what to expect


I offer up to 2 hours for us to talk about medical and family history, what your goals are in terms of health issues and what needs to be addressed first. This is an in-depth interview that will target your own personal life and how your health issues presented themselves in your life. We will address everything from birth to present day so if you need to bring some notes along with you so that you can be prepared for this please feel free to do so. Together we will address the challenges and traumas so that we can find an individualized plan to restore your physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is my desire for everyone to help their bodies unlock their own personal freedom from all limitations.

After our talk, I will study your case and evaluate what remedy is best suited to you and your condition. When I have made a decision, you will either come and pick the remedy up at my office or I will mail it to you. This will take anywhere from one day to two weeks (depending on if I have to order your remedy in for you from a Homeopathic Pharmacy). We will do the follow up 3-4 weeks after you start taking the remedy. Follow ups continue at ever-decreasing intervals until you have reached your desire level of health. Many patients will continue to see my for yearly or bi-annual check ins and will seek homeopathic treatment as their first choice with any other difficulties they may experience in the future.

To read testimonials of people who I have helped with homeopathy, visit my testimonials page.

I am amazed at the wonderful benefits of Homeopathy. Time and time again whether in an acute situation or as a support for more chronic issues. I’ve been Mona’s client for about five years, and have really enjoyed working with her. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, and accessible and she probably knows me better than I know myself. The Homeopathic remedies she has suggested in every situation for which I have consulted her have worked beautifully, and I am very grateful to have discovered Homeopathy and Mona.

Kate McDonough

Retired, Williams Lake

Commonly Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of questions and answers for you below. Please click on the blue button next to the question to find out the answer.

Why Homeopathy vs vitamins or other treatments?

I get asked this question all the time and the simple answer is we want to eliminate disease by going to the core issues of why you are getting sick or why you have the disease you have manifested.  You can take a lot of supplements and do a lot of different treatments but if the reason that you are getting sick is not addressed you will continue down this path.  Our bodies are an “map” of what has happened to us mentally and emotionally in our lives.  In Homeopathy we want to know what happened in your life that changed things for you, for example “what does this bronchitis have to do with my childhood pain.  Our bodies can’t release negative events so we carry those issues with us in the form of illness or pain.  When the issue is addressed then the illness or pain is released.  That is the importance of Homeopathy.  We don’t want a band-aid solution we want to eliminate the need for people to carry their wounds with them for their entire lives.  Most people are not aware consciously that anything is “bothering them”.  When we talk about what are the big factors that have impacted their lives we can see the patterns that occur.  Many people have unresolved anger, possibly showing up as arthritis, or knee problems and because we all deal with issues differently the “weak patterns of health” show up differently for all of us.  Maybe you have not grieved for the loss of your parents, husband or best friend, and now you are getting migraines a few years later…. or the possibilities for the connection to why we got sick are endless.  This is the essential part in healing. When our minds are affected, our bodies are affected.  You can’t separate how your body plays out a mental/emotional trauma.   We hold all the answers in our organs, or joints or skin, our bodies are speaking a language that we as Homeopath’s help to uncover so that you can achieve true health which is freedom from all limitations.  Remember what it felt like to be free and laugh and run as a child, with no limitations and no fear, that is true health. That is my mission when i work with people that really want to heal themselves. I work to help them find the blockages in their lives and release the block so that they can heal.  Homeopathy is the only method that i have encountered that deals with the mental/emotional/spiritual/physical all in one.  It is true, and real and I want everyone to know that real health is available for everyone that desires it.  With Homeopathy, anything is really possible!

Why do I need a follow up?

There are several reasons we need to do a follow up.  I, as your practitioner, need to evaluate if the remedy has done what it needs to do or if you need a different remedy.
The first consultation can be long and in a follow up people sometimes remember more information that will help to make a second prescription more accurate for your situation.
Many times people are not clear of what the remedy has done and my job as your Homeopath is to help decipher what the remedy is doing.  Lots of times issues disappear and people say that nothing has changed but they are sleeping better, and they aren’t taking pain medication like they were and lots of changes have happened but when the issues are gone clients don’t recognize the changes that have happened. (THIS REALLY HAPPENS, WHEN A PROBLEM IS RESOLVED THEN IT IS NOT IN YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND ANYMORE)

How often do I need to do a follow up?

If you are on a remedy that is supporting you and eliminating problems then it is recommended to have a follow up once per year.
If you feel like your remedy is not eliminating problems anymore then a follow up is recommended.  We do not have one remedy that we stay on for life.  Things change and people need new remedies to assist with issues that arise whether they are mental/emotional or physical.

Can I e-mail a question to you?

I always encourage communication between myself and my clients.  If you have any questions I always am happy to assist in answering them for you, at no charge.

Does this interfere with my medication?

The short answer is no.  Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with any medication that people are taking.

What if things feel worse for a while?

I find that everyone is different and that means if you are of a sensitive nature the remedies can give your immune system a kick and you might have a slight aggravation for up to a week. Generally I take this as a good sign, it means the body is shifting into healing mode and you will see healing begin shortly after.
Only a small fraction of people will aggravate in any way. Remember this is vibrational energy and your body will only heal as fast as it can depending on how compromised your immune system is to start with. Homeopathy is known for its gentle, yet effective healing properties.

Can I use Homeopathy for my children or pets?

Homeopathy is the most effective and safest way to treat anyone, including newborn babies.  It’s only vibrational energy so it’s extremely gentle and effective. If you want to know more about how I can help your pet, visit my ‘animal healing page’

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