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Should we vaccinate our child or not?


Vaccinations are a very hot debate for a lot of people. I can only speak from experience and hopefully I can give people insight so they can make an informed decision. When my children were young there wasn’t any information or controversy over vaccinations. I believed that the doctors and nurses knew what was best and that they had everyone’s best interest at heart. When my youngest child was born, there were complications and it wasn’t smooth sailing. When I went in for the first round of vaccinations I questioned whether I should wait until my child was stronger and doing better in gaining weight. There were health concerns for my child, but that wasn’t taken into account. They had a schedule to follow and that was that as far as they were concerned. The nurse assured me that there was no danger and that my hesitation was needless. Within 2 weeks of getting the MMR vaccine my child refused to eat and was considered failure to thrive. It was extremely traumatic and it really put my life and my child’s life into a tailspin. I will never know the damage that my child fully incurred from that vaccination. I used to stand over the bassinet and watch to see if he was still breathing at night. I wished I would have listened to my instincts and not vaccinated. This was long before all the information that is available to people now, and long before doctors and scientists started telling the truth. I can only give what happened to me and my family as a testimonial. I didn’t know about Homeopathy back then, and if I did my decision would have been different.

With Homeopathy you have an arsenal at your disposal for whatever illness comes along. You don’t have to rely on the medical system with antibiotics as their only weapon. We will never eradicate all the viruses and bacteria that circulate every day, but if you can keep your immune system strong with your constitutional remedy your own immune system will fight whatever is going around, and there is always something going around. Our immune systems are built to fight, and looking to vaccines as our “hail Mary” doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you think of it. We will never stay ahead of viruses and bacteria so it makes sense to use natural remedies to boost and support your own immunity. It’s really all we have to fight anything with for any illness.

I also have a friend who had identical twins and they used her children as test cases for vaccines. One child was given a vaccine early in life at 3 months of age and the other they waited until after 2 years of age. The child that they vaccinated early suffered with psoriasis and more illnesses. The other child did not. They both have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is a developmental disorder related to Autism.


There is some really great information availabe from Dr. Tetyana Obukhancyh called Natural Immunity:



Obviously the first line of defense for children is being breast fed. For obvious reasons not everyone can and do breast feed, but if they can’t then having natural products to boost your child’s immunity would be a great asset to have available and that can easily be done through Homeopathy. The other great video that you can watch is called Vaxxed and it is available on the web as well.

Whatever the decision that you make, please make sure that you are well informed before you make the decision because it is something that have serious consequences for many children as we are witnessing in the Autism epidemic. There are many books that are available as well for research like:

  • The Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter
  • Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality (The medical assault on the American Brain) by Harris L. Coulter

These decisions should be made out of knowledge and not out of FEAR. The consequences can be life changing for some. This is only my opinion and everyone needs to decide what is best for themselves and their children.